Job Interview & Placement Training

Learn communication skills and basic etiquette of interview to increase your chance of getting selected in an Interview.


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✓ Conversation Oriented


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About this course

This course is designed for those learners who want to learn more about secret to crack interviews.

This course is designed with the help of professors from universities, Directors and HR professionals of different organizations.

This course gives you a perfect blend of implementation of your English language and communication skills to present yourself with efficacy in any interview.


Learn to open the Group Discussion and intervene to take your chance to speak smartly, present your contents in structured and confident manner. learn to be optimistic and leadership skills.


Learn pre and during job interview skills with corporate trainers. Learn proper and smart answers of different typical interview questions and practice to reply in a confident and concise manner.


Learn to present yourself and your work in professional situation. Practice to speak with complete authority in a confident, accurate, fluent, efficient structured and concise manner.

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1 Month Course

4500 / month
  • 3 Hours Interview Skills Training + 14 Mock Practice

2 Months Course

8000 / month
  • 7 Hours Communication Skills + 3 Hours Interview Skills Training + 20 Mock Interviews

3 Months Course

12900 / HR
  • 8 Hours of Sentence Formation Practice + 7 Hours Communication Skills + 3 Hours Interview Skills Training + 24 Mock Interviews