Frame sentences with accuracy and learn to speak in a confident and fluent manner.

Learn to frame accurate sentences with no grammatical fault and practice your communication English in a confident and precise manner. We are delighted to offer you the preferred time for your spoken practice with your personal trainer through one to one online class


✓ Personal Trainer


✓ Flexible Time


✓ Conversation Oriented


✓ One On One Class

About this course

This course has specially been designed for those who are willing to learn English Grammar and want to practise their day to day life conversations for the improvement in their spoken English fluency.

Carrerpavers has designed very effective techniques to make all the learners fluent in spoken English as well as in written English.

All the learners will have their personal trainers at their convenient time. Learners will be assisted to develop confidence and also, they will be guided how to talk with their friends and families in a confident and fluent manner without any grammatical mistakes and pronunciation mistakes. Learners will be taught all the levels of English Grammar along with this course.

Course Content

Your day to day grammar learning lessons will help you in framing correct and appropriate sentences for any sort of situations. You will receive an assistance of your trainer to write and speak appropriate sentences and also, he will help you in rectifying your mistakes during the conversational practice at the same point of time 

You will develop fluency and your self-confidence by doing regular practice of your spoken English with your personal trainer. He will put you through some regular tasks and speaking activities to enhance your confidence level. Through his interactive sessions, your fluency and confidence will be developed and in some days of practice you will start speaking like an expert for sure

You will be notified at the same time for the rectification of your pronunciation during the speaking practice and your trainer will help you to work on your MTI with some proven techniques 

You will learn vocabulary in your everyday session and also you will be taught how to use them and memorize them by practising in real life situations 

You will learn how to work on voice clarity and how to use and learn voice modulation. Your trainer will guide you to maintain a good pace and tone in your speaking English practice sessions through various techniques and styles

  • Application Writing and types of applications 

    Types of letter writing 

    Notices & Paragraph Writing

    Email Writing 

    Story Writing 

    Resume Writing

    All the writing rules and structures will be taught in every day session by the trainer  

What learners say about us

1 Month Course

3000 / month
  • 20 hours Spoken English Practice
  • Focused on LSRW Skills
  • Well-designed study material to improve vocabulary and spoken fluency

3 Month Course

9000 / month
  • 60 hours Spoken English Practice
  • Focused on LSRW Skills
  • Well-designed study material to improve vocabulary and spoken fluency

4 Month Course

12000 / month
  • 80 hours Spoken English Practice
  • Focused on LSRW Skills
  • Well-designed study material to improve vocabulary and spoken fluency

Review of English For Beginners

Every student has a different style & need to learn and understand English. We assess the level of the students and also check their growth areas. According to their need and learning requirements, a course is designed that includes all the basic and advance needs of the learners 

We have designed a well study material for the improvement in English spoken fluency and grammar both. We design and customize all the learning contents as per the level of the students. The study material is taught after checking the level and aims of the students. This course is designed in such a way that helps all the learners of different background and aims to achieve fluency and correctness in their spoken English

Once the learners are done with their counselling session and assessment test that might be oral or written both, they are assigned a trainer for their entire sessions. Learners are taught in such a way that the basic of English language is easily understood by them and through their one to one live English-speaking classes, they become aware and confident to speak and write correct sentences.

We offer 40 minutes English grammar and interactive conversations sessions daily. All the learners are assigned experienced and certified trainers to develop LSRW skills of the learners. 

We offer the most flexible time slots to start your online spoken English class. You are free to choose any time between 7:00 am to 11:30 pm IST. It is really amazing improving and learning speaking skills at your preferred time through one to one live class

Through your live one to one conversational practice sessions, your trainer will make you speak English and he will rectify your mistakes during the practice sessions on the spot. You will learn the exact way of speaking the sentences on day to day life situations and also learn to identify your mistakes and solutions for them 

Learners are provided study material to improve vocabulary and to practise them in their real-life situations. As per the need of the students, e-books and videos are shared with the learners for their improvement in spoken English on their provided emails.